While talking about childhood memories and how they change from generation to generation, RUAMACHINES - a Portuguese company founded by Armando Fontes and Victor Rocha - came to light. Together they gave form to a childhood dream. Armando is a fashion designer and Victor a commercial director - they all have a great passion for motorcycles.

The desire to do something different along with their shared passion led them to childhood memories and the RUAMACHINES concept. Initially, the project focused mainly on motorcycle customizing, turning them into unique pieces as if they came out of a Steve McQueen movie. This "street tracker" cafe racer concept and the vision that the founders have of these machines as the ideal city vehicles associated with the emergence of new lifestyles makes of RUAMACHINES more than the typical workshop.
The symbiosis of modern art with the retro style on the curves of these two-wheeled racing machines, validates the beginning of a new concept of art - the new retro.

This union makes of RUAMACHINES a unique project, allowing the modification of the bikes, making them an extension of the owner's personality and style without ever changing the soul of the machine.
However, RUAMACHINES wants to extend this concept to other machines that were heroes of the streets in their childhood days. Bringing back from the dusty chest the old tricycles, bicycles and skateboards and turning them into cult machines with a touch of their owner's style.
The future of RUAMACHINES follows the road of innovation and creativity, with a widening horizon on the customization area.

The “taylor-made” concept, which is one of the key points of the brand, will be adapted to footwear, clothing and accessories, creating a complete pack, a signature for each customer and motorcycle style.